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From the quiz on 15/11/16.

  1. McCarran International airport serves the two largest cities in which US state? Nevada

  2. The scheduled destination of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared in mysterious circumstances in 2014, was the main international airport serving which Asian city? Beijing

  3. Which former Prime Minister lends his name to the busiest airport in Israel? (David) Ben-Gurion

  4. On which London Underground line are all three of the Heathrow Terminal Tube stations (2 & 3, 4, 5)? Piccadilly

  5. In 1977, at which Spanish airport did a runway collision between two Boeing 747s result in the deadliest accident in aviation history? Los Rodeos (now Tenerife North)


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From the quiz on 9/2/16. Download the images for Q4 and Q7 here.

  1. Which South African–born entrepreneur is a co-founder and the current CEO of Tesla Motors? Elon Musk

  2. Which two Russian cities are the eastern and western termini of the longest railway in the world, the Trans-Siberian Railway? Moscow and Vladivostok

  3. Which Austrian automotive engineer designed the Volkswagen Beetle in the early 1930s? Ferdinand Porsche

  4. **Which Honda motorcycle is the most-produced motor vehicle in history, having surpassed 87 million units in 2014? Super Cub

  5. In the context of aircraft such as the Harrier Jump Jet, for what does the acronym VTOL stand? Vertical take-off and landing

  6. Almost uniquely in the UK, road vehicles are required to drive on the right on the street leading from the Strand to which London hotel? Savoy Hotel

  7. **In which German city in North Rhine-Westphalia is the Schwebebahn, a unique suspension railway that is the oldest monorail still in service, having been in operation since 1st March 1901? Wuppertal

  8. On a three-masted sailing ship, which mast is situated immediately aft (to the rear) of the mainmast? Mizzenmast

  9. In 1969, which future British Prime Minister won the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race in a Sparkman and Stephens S&S 34 named Morning Cloud? Edward Heath

  10. Which two London Underground stations, both on the Piccadilly line, are the closest together with just 0.3km of track between them? Covent Garden and Leicester Square