Food & drink 45

From the quiz on 29/8/17.

  1. What name, from the Latin for “to hunt”, is given to the meat of a deer? Venison

  2. What is fermented to make the Japanese alcoholic drink known in English as sake? Rice

  3. In which country was the Slow Food movement founded by Carlo Petrini in 1986? Italy

  4. Which restaurant chain is famous for its version of a full English breakfast called an Olympic Breakfast? Little Chef

  5. What colour describes an extremely rare steak that is merely seared on the outside and left uncooked inside? Blue

  6. In which country are the wine regions of Carcavelos, Setúbal, Dão and Vinho Verde? Portugal

  7. Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish made from mashed potato and which leaf vegetable? Cabbage or kale

  8. What name, meaning “little tongues” in Italian, is given to pasta in the shape of narrow ribbons? Linguine

  9. According to its famous slogan, which beer “refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach”? Heineken

  10. What must be added to an espresso to make a cortado (meaning “cut” in Spanish)? (A small amount of) milk


Food & drink 44

From the quiz on 15/8/17.

  1. Burrata, literally meaning “buttered”, is a dish consisting of fresh cream inside a thin pouch of which Italian cheese? Mozzarella

  2. What type of wine is indicated on German bottles by the word trocken? Dry

  3. Golden Rice is a genetically-modified rice that contains large quantities of beta-carotene, a precursor to which vitamin in humans? Vitamin A

  4. A dish made à la crécy is cooked or garnished with which vegetable? Carrots

  5. In which month is the so-called Glorious Twelfth, when grouse shooting season officially begins in the UK? August

  6. In Japanese cuisine, what name, meaning “pierced body”, is given to fresh raw fish or meat that has been thinly sliced? Sashimi

  7. What name, meaning “nun”, is given to a French dessert consisting of a stack of two ganache-topped, cream-filled choux buns joined together by a whipped cream “collar”? Religieuse

  8. The Isle of Wight and the city of Gilroy in California are both noted for annual festivals dedicated to which vegetable? Garlic

  9. The coffee known as mocha is named after a port city in which Arab country, from which it was first exported? Yemen

  10. According to the Scotch Whisky Regulations 2009, all Scotch whisky must be aged in oak barrels for at least how many years? 3

Food & drink 43

From the quiz on 25/7/17.

  1. What royal name is given to several racks of lamb tied together in a circle? Crown roast

  2. For what is “non-brewed condiment” a common substitute in the UK, especially in fish and chip shops? Vinegar

  3. Bertie Bassett, the mascot of the Bassett’s confectionery company, is made up of which sweets? Liquorice allsorts

  4. What must be added to Scotch whisky to make a Whisky Mac cocktail? Ginger wine

  5. The French city of Grenoble is famous for production of which nut, which received AOC (controlled designation of origin) status as noix de Grenoble in 1938? Walnut

  6. What name, ultimately from the Greek for “thief”, is given to a Greek dish of lamb slow-cooked with lemon juice and herbs in a sealed container? Kleftiko

  7. Guilinggao is a Chinese medicinal dessert traditionally made from the ground plastron of which animal? Turtle/tortoise (various species)

  8. Pendleton, Crown Royal, Forty Creek, Glen Breton Rare and J.P. Wiser’s are notable whiskies from which country? Canada

  9. Menma, a common topping for Japanese ramen, is made by fermenting which stem vegetable? Bamboo shoots

  10. What name, from the Latin for “water” and “bean”, is given to the viscous water in which chickpeas or other pulses have been cooked, which is commonly used by vegans as an egg substitute? Aquafaba

Food & drink 42

From the quiz on 4/7/17.

  1. What name is given to the meat of an adult sheep? Mutton

  2. BeaverTails is a famous chain of pastry shops from which Commonwealth country? Canada

  3. Which traditional German cake is so named because, when sliced, its layers resemble the growth rings of trees? Baumkuchen

  4. What is the name of the Greek dip, commonly served with grilled meat, that is made from yoghurt, cucumber, garlic and often mint? Tzatziki

  5. According to its packaging, the flavour of standard Lilt combines which two fruits? Pineapple and grapefruit

  6. A traditional caprese salad consists of mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and whole leaves of which fresh herb? Basil

  7. The square-cut sausage known as lorne sausage is a component of a traditional full breakfast from which country of the UK? Scotland

  8. Which alcohol is used in all of the IBA official cocktails Derby, French 75, Angel Face, Tuxedo, Casino and Monkey Gland? Gin

  9. What name, meaning “encased in bread”, is given to a Spanish or Latin American stuffed pastry that is baked or deep-fried? Empanada

  10. A standard California roll contains crab meat, which vegetable and which fruit? Cucumber and avocado

Food & drink 41

From the quiz on 6/6/17.

  1. Chester Cheetah is the mascot of which brand of American savoury snacks produced by Frito-Lay? Cheetos

  2. What is the usual British English name for what are known in North America as fava beans? Broad beans

  3. The premium beefsteak known as an entrecôte is cut from between which bones? Ribs

  4. Which liqueur’s logo depicts a glowing Christian cross between the antlers of a stag in reference to the hunters St Hubertus and St Eustace? Jägermeister

  5. What is the common name of the herb of the celery family known botanically as Anethum graveolens, whose seeds and leaves are commonly used to flavour sauces, fish and pickles? Dill

  6. The Chorleywood process is used in the production of which foodstuff? Bread

  7. Scho-Ka-Kola is a popular brand of caffeine-rich kola nut chocolate from which European country? Germany

  8. Which liqueur’s bottle features a knotted white cord wrapped around its “waist” in imitation of a friar’s habit? Frangelico

  9. A snickerdoodle is a type of American cookie traditionally rolled in sugar and which spice? Cinnamon

  10. Blueberry cheesecake, French salt, jasmine tea, apple pie, rum and raisin, fruit parfait, ginger ale, purple yam and apple vinegar are among the many unusual variants of which chocolate bar? KitKat

Food & drink 40

From the quiz on 16/5/17.

  1. Which meat is used to make a traditional cottage pie? (Minced) beef

  2. What is the English equivalent of what is known in France as a boulangerie? Bakery

  3. Which American chemist lends his surname to a test and scale used to measure the piquancy of chilli peppers? (Wilbur) Scoville

  4. Which Italian drink is combined with gin in the classical British cocktail known as gin and it? Vermouth

  5. German turnip is an alternative name for which cabbage-like vegetable, whose name literally means “cabbage turnip” in German? Kohlrabi

  6. Tsukiji market in Tokyo is the world’s largest market for what type of food? Seafood/fish

  7. What name, from the French for “mixture”, is given to a dessert of fruit preserved or cooked in syrup? Compote

  8. What must be added to sparkling wine, usually champagne, to make a Black Velvet cocktail? Stout (often Guinness)

  9. Bulgogi, galbi and samgyeopsal are among the many popular barbecue dishes from which Asian country? South Korea

  10. Which traditional English drink may be described botanically as “Taraxacum officinale and Arctium lappa”? Dandelion and burdock

Food & drink 39

From the quiz on 25/4/17.

  1. What is the name, meaning “thirty” in Italian, of the largest drink size available at Starbucks (although not in the UK)? Trenta

  2. What name, from the Tupi for “dregs” and “squeeze out”, is given to the hard white grains of starch obtained from the root of the cassava plant? Tapioca

  3. What name is given to the common cocktail ingredient typically made by mixing sugar and water in the ratio 2:1 with the addition of gum arabic? Gomme syrup

  4. Cuberdons are traditional raspberry-flavoured conical sweets from which European country? Belgium

  5. Phyllis Pechey was the real name of which English celebrity chef? Fanny Cradock

  6. Which American restaurant chain was advertised in the 1980s and 90s by a red rabbit-eared character known as The Noid? Domino’s

  7. Basashi is a Japanese dish of which animal’s meat, sliced thin and served raw? Horse

  8. Louis de Béchamel, after whom bechamel sauce is named, was steward to which King Louis of France? Louis XIV

  9. The Maipo, Rapel, Casablanca and Elqui Valleys are important wine regions in which South American country? Chile

  10. In a classic French dish created by Auguste Escoffier, which fruit is served belle Hélène, that is, poached and served with ice cream and chocolate sauce? Pear