Fashion & beauty 5

From the quiz on 1/12/15. Download the images here.

  1. What colour are traditional Chinese wedding dresses? Red

  2. **Which American fashion company is famous for its leather handbags bearing a signature repeated-letter-C motif? Coach

  3. What name is given to an open-ended cylinder of fur used to warm the hands that was popular with both men and women between the 17th and 19th centuries? Muff

  4. **On a clothing care label, what is meant by a crossed triangle? Do not bleach

  5. Which French fashion designer presented the first seven series of the late-night TV programme Eurotrash? Jean-Paul Gaultier

  6. **What is the usual name of this style of lip piercing? Angel bites

  7. Which German clothing company, founded in Metzingen in 1924, was recently revealed to have supplied brown shirts and uniforms to many Nazi organizations, including the SA, SS and Hitler Youth? Hugo Boss

  8. **Which Italian fashion designer created Jennifer Lopez’s iconic plunging translucent green jungle-print dress that she wore to the 42nd Grammy Awards in 2000? Donatella Versace

  9. First sold in 1925, the oriental women’s fragrance Shalimar is the flagship perfume of which French perfume house? Guerlain

  10. **Which Czech model featured in a 1994 advertising campaign for Wonderbra that used the slogan “Hello boys.”? Eva Herzigová


Fashion & beauty 4

From the quiz on 20/10/15. Starred questions have accompanying images, which may be downloaded here.

  1. What specific beauty product is produced by British company Batiste? Dry shampoo

  2. At the 73rd Academy Awards ceremony in 2001, Björk wore an iconic dress designed by Macedonian fashion designer Marjan Pejoski in the shape of which bird? Swan

  3. In fashion parlance, what does A/W stand for? Autumn/winter

  4. **Which Australian model and former Victoria’s Secret Angel is this? Miranda Kerr

  5. **What is the name of the wide-skirted dress with bodice that is based on the costume of Alpine peasants and traditionally worn in Austria and southern Germany, notably during Oktoberfest? Dirndl

  6. **Which American cosmetics and perfume company has a red door as its emblem? Elizabeth Arden

  7. **What is the three-word name, after the French town at which it was originally made, of this printed calico fabric, which typically consists of a complex pastoral scene in blue, black or red on a white background? Toile de Jouy

  8. What is the real first name of French fashion designer Coco Chanel? Gabrielle

  9. In the 1920s, particularly in the United States, what name was given to liberated women who flouted conventional standards of dress and behaviour by bobbing their hair, abandoning traditional corsets and treating sex and alcohol in a casual manner? Flappers

  10. Which item of neckwear was so named because it resembled the scarves worn by Croatian mercenaries in the French army in the mid–17th century? Cravat

Fashion & beauty 3

From the quiz on 15/9/15.

  1. In knitting, what name is given to the opposite of a plain or knit stitch, i.e. (in right-handed knitting) one made by passing the needle through the front of the last stitch from right to left? Purl

  2. By what single name is English model and 60s fashion icon Lesley Lawson (née Hornby) more commonly known? Twiggy

  3. In a 2001 advert for Agent Provocateur that would later be banned, which singer rides a mechanical bull in the company’s sheer lingerie before inviting male members of the audience to stand up if they can? Kylie Minogue

  4. Which Chanel perfume commemorates Coco Chanel’s birthday? Chanel No. 19

  5. What type of sleeve, named after a British commander in the Crimean War, continues in one piece to the collar without a shoulder seam? Raglan

  6. In 2011, which member of the British royal family caused considerable fashion controversy by attending the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton wearing a large and ornate beige fascinator designed by Philip Treacy? Princess Beatrice

  7. What is the British name of the fashion retailer known in Ireland, where it was founded in 1969, as Penneys? Primark

  8. The Birkin and Kelly bags, respectively named after Jane Birkin and Grace Kelly, are exclusive designer handbags from which French fashion house? Hermès

  9. Extremely fashionable in the 1910s, what name is given to a style of skirt whose hem is so narrow as to impede the walking ability of the wearer? Hobble skirt

  10. According to Walter Isaacson’s authorized 2011 biography of Steve Jobs, which Japanese fashion designer created Jobs’s trademark black turtlenecks? Issey Miyake

Fashion & beauty 2

From the quiz on 28/7/15.

  1. Which make-up brand is advertised as “the make-up of make-up artists”? Max Factor

  2. Which British fashion designer is usually credited with popularizing hot pants and the miniskirt in the UK in the mid-1960s and is the creator of the Daisy dolls that were wildly popular during the 1970s? Mary Quant

  3. Which Australian supermodel-cum-businesswoman is nicknamed The Body and has appeared on a record five covers of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? Elle Macpherson

  4. Which French fashion designer is noted for his luxury women’s shoes with signature red soles? Christian Louboutin

  5. The logo of which British fashion house consists of a horse-mounted knight holding a lance, attached to which is a banner emblazoned with the word ‘prorsum’ (Latin: “forwards”)? Burberry

  6. What nationality is supermodel and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Gisele Bündchen? Brazilian

  7. In 1997, which Italian fashion designer was murdered outside his home in Miami Beach, Florida by a serial killer named Andrew Cunanan? Gianni Versace

  8. Which 2003 novel by Lauren Weisberger and 2006 film starring Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep centres on the life of Andrea Sachs in her role as assistant to Miranda Priestly, the wintry editor of a fashion magazine called Runway? The Devil Wears Prada

  9. What name of Latin origin is given to a lightweight decorative headpiece, often large and ornate and made with feathers or flowers, that clips into the hair and is worn by women on formal occasions? Fascinator

  10. For what does the name of the fashionable Parisian subculture and fashion brand BCBG stand? Bon chic, bon genre

Fashion & beauty 1

From the quiz on 23/6/15.

  1. What article of clothing is Malaysian fashion designer Jimmy Choo most famous for creating? Shoes

  2. Who is executive producer, lead judge and host of the long-running reality TV series America’s Next Top Model? Tyra Banks

  3. Where on the body would a Dolly Varden and a homburg be worn? On the head

  4. The logo of which French fashion house is an orange Duc carriage with horse and rider, reflecting their 19th-century origins as makers of equestrian tack? Hermès

  5. In which sport was René Lacoste a world champion, being ranked world number one in both 1926 and 1927? Tennis

  6. Which French engineer invented the bikini in 1946, naming it after the site of a US atomic bomb test because of its supposed “explosive” nature? Louis Réard

  7. What does the name of the fashion faux pas VPL stand for? Visible panty line

  8. In 1994, who attended the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral wearing a black Versace dress held together by oversized gold safety pins? Elizabeth Hurley

  9. Noted for her bob haircut and strong personality, who has been editor-in-chief of American Vogue magazine since 1988? Anna Wintour

  10. Which fashion designer created the iconic conical bra and corset that Madonna wore on her 1990 Blond Ambition world tour? Jean-Paul Gaultier