Specialist: 2015

From the quiz on 15/12/15. Download the image for Q5 here.

  1. In January 2015, in response to cartoons featuring the Prophet Muhammad, a mass shooting was perpetrated by a branch of al-Qaeda at the offices of which French satirical magazine? Charlie Hebdo

  2. In July 2015, which country won the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup with a 5–2 victory against Japan? USA

  3. Discovered in July 2015 and later confirmed in August, débris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was discovered on which French island in the Indian Ocean? Réunion

  4. In which month of 2015 did Elizabeth II become Britain’s longest-reigning monarch? September

  5. [S] In May 2015, version O of which painting by Picasso was sold at Christie’s in New York for a record $179m? Les Femmes d’Alger (The Women of Algiers)

  6. In October 2015, the National Dialogue Quartet was awarded the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize “for its decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy” in which African country “in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution of 2011”? Tunisia

  7. When elected in May 2015, which SNP politician became the youngest MP in the House of Commons for almost 200 years at just 20 years old? Mhairi Black

  8. What are the actual two colours of the infamous Roman Originals dress that divided the Internet when a badly-lit photograph of it was posted online in February 2015? Blue and black

  9. In September 2015, the collapse of a crane on the 11th and a stampede thirteen days later caused many hundreds of deaths in which city in Western Asia? Mecca

  10. In February 2015, which liberal Russian statesman and outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin was assassinated by an unknown gunman on the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge in Moscow? Boris Nemtsov


Science, nature & technology 20 (Christmas/2015)

From the quiz on 15/12/15. Download the image for Q6 here.

  1. In 1825, which English scientist founded the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures and personally delivered 19 of them in his lifetime, including 10 in a row between 1851 and 1860? Michael Faraday

  2. Which British neurologist, who died in August 2015, was known for such books as The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and was the subject of the 1990 film Awakenings, where he was played by Robin Williams? Oliver Sacks

  3. What is the common name for any plant of the genus Ilex, whose species are commonly used as Christmas decorations? Holly

  4. In July 2015, which NASA space probe, launched in 2006, completed a flyby of Pluto and returned the highest-resolution photographs ever taken of its surface and moons? New Horizons

  5. Born on Christmas Day 1906, German physicist Ernst Ruska received the 1986 Nobel Prize in Physics for designing the first instance of which type of microscope? Electron microscope

  6. [S] In May 2015, which tropical fish of the genus Lampris became the first fish discovered to be entirely endothermic (“warm-blooded”)? Opah (moonfish)

  7. In 1965, which Christmas carol became the first song broadcast from space when it was played aboard Gemini 6 as a joke by astronauts Tom Stafford and Wally Schirra? Jingle Bells

  8. In October 2015, which hurricane, the strongest ever observed with maximum sustained winds in excess of 200mph, made landfall in Mexico, causing hundreds of millions of US dollars in damage? Hurricane Patricia

  9. The vast majority of species grown as Christmas trees belong to which phylum of plants? Pinophyta (conifers)

  10. The 2015 Ig Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to a team led by Colin Raston and Callum Ormonde for discovering how to chemically reverse which specific cooking process? Boiling an egg

Musical excerpts 62 (Christmas/2015)

From the quiz on 15/12/15. Download here.

  1. Chris Rea – Driving Home for Christmas

  2. Years & Years – King

  3. Johnnie Ray – Just Walking in the Rain

  4. Leona Lewis – One More Sleep

  5. Liszt – Adeste fideles [O Come, All Ye Faithful] (from Weihnachtsbaum [Christmas Tree Suite])

  6. Fetty Wap – Trap Queen

  7. Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas Is You

  8. The Beatles – I Want to Hold Your Hand

  9. Wham! – Last Christmas

  10. Military Wives with Gareth Malone – Wherever You Are

Entertainment (Christmas/2015)

From the quiz on 15/12/15. Download the image for Q5 here.

  1. In which US city is George Seaton’s 1947 Christmas film Miracle on 34th Street set? New York City

  2. In Love Actually, which English actress plays Juliet, with whom Mark and Peter are in a love triangle? Keira Knightley

  3. What is the punning subtitle of the half-hour Shrek Christmas special first broadcast on ABC in 2007? Shrek the Halls

  4. Which American composer, perhaps best known for scoring James Cameron’s Titanic and Avatar, died in June 2015? James Horner

  5. **Which animated TV series features a robot Santa Claus who lives on Neptune, judges everyone to have been naughty and kills them all with a variety of heavy weaponry? Futurama

  6. Which adult website produced a 2015 Christmas advert in which a man gives his grandfather a premium access card, which is rather suggestively claimed to be “the most touching gift”? Pornhub

  7. For which 1942 film starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire was Irving Berlin’s song White Christmas originally written? Holiday Inn

  8. In EastEnders, whom did “Dirty” Den Watts hand divorce papers on Christmas Day, 1986? Angie (Watts)

  9. In the 2015 film Jurassic World, which genetically-engineered species of Tyrannosaurus rex escapes and terrorizes the titular theme park? Indominus rex

  10. In Jingle All the Way, which toy is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character Howard Langston trying to find for his son Jamie? Turbo Man