General knowledge 146

From the quiz on 12/9/17.

  1. In textspeak, for what does the abbreviation IKR most commonly stand? I know, right?

  2. Nephritis is an inflammation of which organ of the human body? Kidney

  3. In which (modern-day) country were Billy Wilder, Copernicus, Frédéric Chopin, Pope John Paul II and Marie Curie all born? Poland

  4. The phrase “hakuna matata”, usually translated as “no worries”, was borrowed into English from which African language? Swahili

  5. Which Samsung smartphone became infamous shortly after its release in August 2016 for defective batteries that would suddenly catch fire or explode? Galaxy Note 7

  6. What name, ultimately from the Latin for “come together”, is given to a group or meeting of witches? Coven

  7. The gods Xolotl (in Aztec mythology), Raijin (in Japanese), Thor (in Norse), Jupiter (in Roman) and Zeus (in Greek) are all strongly associated with which weather phenomenon? Thunder/lightning/storms

  8. Which Merseybeat band were the first act to reach number one in the UK with their first three singles — How Do You Do It?, I Like It and You’ll Never Walk Alone — all of which were released in 1963? Gerry and the Pacemakers

  9. What type of institution is London’s Bethlem Royal, from whose name the common English word ‘bedlam’ is derived? (Psychiatric) hospital

  10. Of the 50 busiest railway stations in the world (2013 data), all but 5 are located in which country? Japan


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