Geography 44

From the quiz on 5/9/17.

  1. What colour is the saltire (cross) on the flag of Jamaica? Yellow/gold

  2. Which Scottish island is sometimes referred to as Scotland in Miniature because the north is mountainous like the highlands, while the south is flat like the lowlands? Arran

  3. What name is shared by the highest mountains in Greece, Cyprus and the Solar System? Olympus

  4. Which three countries have coastline on the Yellow Sea? China, North Korea, South Korea

  5. St. Lawrence Market, Casa Loma and the CN Tower are landmarks in which Canadian city? Toronto

  6. Which region forms the “heel” of the boot of Italy? Apulia/Puglia

  7. Which European country has land borders with Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Austria? Slovakia

  8. Which Great Lake is the only one located entirely within the US? Lake Michigan

  9. In which Asian country is the city of Samarkand, an historically-important stop on the Silk Road? Uzbekistan

  10. Which country became the largest in Africa (by area) after Sudan split in 2011? Algeria


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