History 41

From the quiz on 8/8/17.

  1. In 2003, a truck bomb exploded at the Canal Hotel, the UN’s headquarters in which Asian capital city? Baghdad

  2. Who was the longest-ruling female Tsar of Russia? Catherine II (Catherine the Great)

  3. Since 1513, all Kings of Denmark have alternated between which two regnal names? Christian and Frederick

  4. In which war of the 19th century did British forces burn the Capitol Building and White House in Washington DC? War of 1812

  5. Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa were prominent figures in which country’s revolution in the early 20th century? Mexico

  6. In 1882, the Triple Alliance was signed in secret by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and which two other European states? Germany and Italy

  7. Which British company manufactured the First World War fighter biplane known as the Camel? Sopwith

  8. In what year was the Sunday Trading Act brought into force in the UK, the National Lottery first drawn and the Channel Tunnel opened? 1994

  9. In archaeology, what name, from the Greek for “standing block”, is given to an upright stone slab typically inscribed with a commemorative message and often used as a gravestone? Stele/stela

  10. The Treaty of Windsor, which established the world’s oldest alliance that is still in existence, was signed in 1386 by England and which European country? Portugal


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