Sport & games 42

From the quiz on 1/8/17.

  1. Which netball position is commonly abbreviated GS? Goal shooter

  2. Which team beat Arsenal on penalties to win the 2000 UEFA Cup? Galatasaray

  3. Golf, Association and Garden are the three main forms of which sport as played in the UK? Croquet

  4. Ron Howard’s 2013 film Rush centres on the rivalry between which two F1 drivers during the 1976 racing season? James Hunt and Niki Lauda [½ each]

  5. What sport is played by Richmond, Jersey Reds, Doncaster Knights, Ealing Trailfinders and Yorkshire Carnegie? Rugby union

  6. As of 2016, which country has hosted the most Olympic Games, with four Summer and four Winter? USA

  7. Which Australian state is home to professional cricket teams known as Bulls, Heat and Fire? Queensland

  8. Against which team were Manchester United playing when Eric Cantona infamously “kung-fu kicked” a heckling fan in 1995? Crystal Palace

  9. In 1984, which English darts player, nicknamed Old Stoneface, achieved the very first televised nine-dart finish? John Lowe

  10. The Swaythling Cup, Marcel Corbillon Cup, St Bride Vase, G. Geist Prize, Iran Cup, W. J. Pope Trophy and Heydusek Prize are the seven trophies awarded at which sport’s World Championships? Table tennis


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