Specialist: Love Island

From the quiz on 25/7/17.

  1. On which Mediterranean island does the revived Love Island take place? Majorca

  2. Fran Cosgrave, who won the very first series of (Celebrity) Love Island in 2005, was formerly a bodyguard for which boy band? Westlife

  3. In 2016, on series 2 of the revival, who was stripped of her Miss Great Britain title after having sex with fellow contestant Alex Bowen? Zara Holland

  4. Which contestant on series 3 of the revived Love Island works in explosive ordnance disposal and was formerly involved with Prince Harry? Camilla (Thurlow)

  5. Which member of Jackass joined series 2 of the original Love Island but left after just two days because he was denied beer and chocolate? Steve-O


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