Food & drink 43

From the quiz on 25/7/17.

  1. What royal name is given to several racks of lamb tied together in a circle? Crown roast

  2. For what is “non-brewed condiment” a common substitute in the UK, especially in fish and chip shops? Vinegar

  3. Bertie Bassett, the mascot of the Bassett’s confectionery company, is made up of which sweets? Liquorice allsorts

  4. What must be added to Scotch whisky to make a Whisky Mac cocktail? Ginger wine

  5. The French city of Grenoble is famous for production of which nut, which received AOC (controlled designation of origin) status as noix de Grenoble in 1938? Walnut

  6. What name, ultimately from the Greek for “thief”, is given to a Greek dish of lamb slow-cooked with lemon juice and herbs in a sealed container? Kleftiko

  7. Guilinggao is a Chinese medicinal dessert traditionally made from the ground plastron of which animal? Turtle/tortoise (various species)

  8. Pendleton, Crown Royal, Forty Creek, Glen Breton Rare and J.P. Wiser’s are notable whiskies from which country? Canada

  9. Menma, a common topping for Japanese ramen, is made by fermenting which stem vegetable? Bamboo shoots

  10. What name, from the Latin for “water” and “bean”, is given to the viscous water in which chickpeas or other pulses have been cooked, which is commonly used by vegans as an egg substitute? Aquafaba


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