Entertainment 61

From the quiz on 25/7/17. Download the audio for Q3 and Q8 here.

  1. The 1984 BBC TV film Threads depicts the aftermath of nuclear war in which English city? Sheffield

  2. Which German-born actor’s many film roles include Mr Rochester in Jane Eyre (2011), David in Prometheus, Carl Jung in A Dangerous Method, Magneto in X-Men: First Class and the title character in Steve Jobs? Michael Fassbender

  3. **This composition by Vince Guaraldi is the theme for animated adaptations of which comic strip? Peanuts

  4. Black Orchid, Cinder, Fulgore, Spinal, Glacius and Jago are characters from which series of fighting games created by Rare? Killer Instinct

  5. What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” is a famous line from which 1967 film starring Paul Newman? Cool Hand Luke

  6. The CBeebies TV series Timmy Time is a spin-off of which CBBC TV series? Shaun the Sheep

  7. Which American directed the films 10, Days of Wine and Roses, The Pink Panther and Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Blake Edwards

  8. **This is the main theme from which NES game developed by Nintendo? Balloon Fight

  9. Eliza, Darwin, Donnie, Debbie, Nigel and Marianne are the central adventuring family in which Nickolodeon animated TV series? The Wild Thornberrys

  10. In 1962, which American composer became the world’s very first EGOT, that is, a person who has won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony? Richard Rodgers


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