Trivia snake 36

From the quiz on 18/7/17.

  1. In the musical West Side Story, which song do Maria and Tony sing about their dream wedding? One Hand, One Heart

  2. Which silicate mineral, defined as 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, is the traditional November birthstone and lends its name to two species of hummingbird? Topaz

  3. The only two African countries that play Test cricket are South Africa and which of its neighbours? Zimbabwe

  4. What animal are the literary characters Kabumpo, Tantor, Horton, Babar, Hathi and Elmer? Elephant

  5. Which American TV series follows a high-school student named Scott McCall (played by Tyler Posey), who investigates supernatural happenings in the town of Beacon Hills after being turned into a werewolf? Teen Wolf

  6. FIE is the international governing body of which sport? Fencing

  7. In which building in Bath are the Register Office, the Mayor’s Office and the Record Office? Guildhall

  8. In 1978, which Englishwoman became the first person to be born via IVF? Louise Brown

  9. Which Englishman was one of Alan Sugar’s advisors for the first ten series of The Apprentice and replaced Jeff Stelling as host of Countdown in 2012? Nick Hewer

  10. The 1982 number-one single Save Your Love was the only hit for which British duo? Renée and Renato


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