Specialist: Dune

From the quiz on 18/7/17.

  1. Which iconic creature from the Dune universe is also referred to as Shai-Hulud, Shaitan and Maker? Sandworm

  2. Which Scottish actor plays Leto II Atreides in the 2003 miniseries Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune? James McAvoy

  3. What is the name of the special suit worn by the Fremen to preserve body moisture on the desert planet Arrakis? Stillsuit

  4. After Frank Herbert’s death in in 1986, which American sci-fi author collaborated with Frank’s son Brian to continue the Dune series? Kevin J. Anderson

  5. Members of which secretive society repurpose all adult women as vegetative “axlotl tanks”, using them to reproduce, create Face Dancers and make clones of the dead called gholas? Tleilaxu


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