General knowledge 137

From the quiz on 11/7/17.

  1. Which month takes its name from the Latin for “ten”? December

  2. In Norse mythology, which god is known as the All-Father? Odin

  3. Weird Al” Yankovic’s 2014 song Word Crimes is a grammar-based parody of which 2013 hit single? Blurred Lines

  4. Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford are the three largest cities in which US state? Connecticut

  5. In 2003, in a stunt known as Above the Below, which American magician spent 44 days in a plexiglas case suspended 30 feet in the air over central London, surviving on nothing but water? David Blaine

  6. A flaming Roman Colosseum is the logo of which piece of software for Windows PCs? Nero Burning ROM

  7. How many emirates form the United Arab Emirates? 7

  8. Shakira, Sofía Vergara, James Rodríguez and Pablo Escobar were all born in which South American country? Colombia

  9. Which Japanese comedian released the 2016 novelty song PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen)? Pikotarō

  10. In which language’s official version of Scrabble are NG and RH worth ten points, CH and LL five, FF and TH four, and DD one? Welsh


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