Entertainment 60

From the quiz on 11/7/17.

  1. NCC-1701 is the registry number of the original starship from which long-running TV series? Star Trek

  2. Which English actress and model played Candice Stowe in Coronation Street, Dawn Bellamy in Heartbeat and Maxine Minniver in Hollyoaks? Nikki Sanderson

  3. The cybernetically-enhanced Adam Jensen, JC Denton, Paul Denton and Alex Denton are the protagonists of which series of first-person role-playing games? Deus Ex

  4. The official UK top 40 is broadcast each week on which radio station? BBC Radio 1

  5. Actor Tony Curtis reportedly said that kissing which actress was “like kissing Hitler”? Marilyn Monroe

  6. In what TV role are Nazaneen Ghaffar, Alex Beresford, Laura Tobin, Shefali Oza and Carol Kirkwood famous? Weather presenters

  7. The name of the video game trade show E3 is an abbreviation of which three words? Electronic Entertainment Expo

  8. Which American actor received a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for Gladiator and Best Actor Oscar nominations for Walk the Line and The Master? Joaquin Phoenix

  9. What colour, originally referring to the covers of cheap paperback crime novels, is applied to a genre of Italian thriller film that flourished in mid-to-late 20th century? Giallo

  10. What type of hygiene product is Gibbs SR, which in 1955 became the first product advertised on TV in the UK? Toothpaste


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