Beliefs & traditions 8

From the quiz on 4/7/17.

  1. In which religion is a special braided bread known as challah baked to celebrate the sabbath day? Judaism

  2. By what name is the Mexican holiday Día de Muertos more commonly known in English? Day of the Dead

  3. The nursery rhyme Frère Jacques is about a sleeping friar who is supposed to be performing what important religious duty? Ringing the bells (for morning prayer)

  4. The ‘Obby ‘Oss festival, in which two people dressed as large black horses dance and capture young women to bless them with fertility, is a traditional May Day celebration in which Cornish town? Padstow

  5. What deadly special ability is shared by the mythical creatures known as the basilisk, cockatrice and catoblepas? Petrification (turning people to stone)

  6. Etemenanki, a ziggurat dedicated to Marduk in the city of Babylon, is considered a likely influence on or literal candidate for which Biblical structure? Tower of Babel

  7. According to Greek mythology, Europa’s brother Cadmus was the founder and first king of which city in Boeotia? Thebes

  8. What is the name, literally meaning “goat sucker” in Spanish, of the mythical creature that supposedly roams Latin America attacking animals, especially goats? Chupacabra

  9. The leader of which Catholic religious order is known formally as the Superior General and informally as the Black Pope? Society of Jesus (Jesuits)

  10. The “sign of the horns” hand gesture commonly used for heavy metal also has what offensive meaning when directed at a man in countries such as Spain, Italy and Brazil? Cuckold (his wife is cheating on him)

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