General knowledge 135

From the quiz on 27/6/17.

  1. In which country is Guantánamo Bay? Cuba

  2. Which percussion instrument takes its name from the Greek for “wood” and “sound”? Xylophone

  3. The VR headset known as Vive was developed by Valve Corporation and which Taiwanese company? HTC

  4. In music, what fraction of a whole note is a hemidemisemiquaver? 1/64

  5. Which finger is known in Finnish, Hindi, Lithuanian, Russian and Mandarin by phrases that literally translate as “nameless finger”? Ring finger

  6. The uncommon word ‘petrichor’ refers to a pleasant earthy smell that frequently accompanies which weather? Rain

  7. Troupes of colourful dancers known as gombeys are a traditional symbol of which British Overseas Territory? Bermuda

  8. What first name was shared by Marco Polo’s father, the political writer Machiavelli and the composer Paganini? Niccolò

  9. In which year did Johnny Depp make his feature-film début in A Nightmare on Elm Street, Brunei become independent from the UK, and Marvin Gaye, Indira Gandhi and Tommy Cooper all die? 1984

  10. What animal were Lady Wonder (who was allegedly psychic), Beautiful Jim Key and Clever Hans (both of whom could allegedly read, write and perform arithmetic)? Horse


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