Specialist: UK soap operas

From the quiz on 20/6/17.

  1. Thomas, King, Bates, Blackstock, Sharma, Sudgen and Dingle are families from which British soap opera? Emmerdale

  2. What is the English title of the Welsh BBC Cymru soap opera Pobol y Cwm? People of the Valley

  3. Which Hollyoaks character, played by Ali Bastian, was jailed after an extramarital affair with her ex-pupil Justin Burton, then killed in prison by her cellmate Fran? Becca Hayton (Rebecca Dean)

  4. Which English actress played Lesley Meredith in Emmerdale, Virginia Raven in Crossroads and Maureen Webster in Coronation Street? Sherrie Hewson

  5. In a New Year’s Day 2017 episode of EastEnders, which two sisters both drowned in a hotel swimming pool just hours after one of their weddings? Roxy and Ronnie Mitchell

  6. A controversial 1955 episode of The Archers in which Grace Archer dies in a fire trying to rescue her horse was, possibly deliberately, broadcast on the very same day that which TV channel launched in the UK? ITV


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