General knowledge 133

From the quiz on 13/6/17.

  1. What is the name of the yellow bear mascot of BBC Children in Need? Pudsey

  2. What liquid is collected in the sump of a car’s engine? Oil

  3. In 2017, who became the first female Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police? Cressida Dick

  4. The cover of which 2004 album by Green Day depicts a hand grasping a heart-shaped grenade? American Idiot

  5. In which Arab country are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Anjar, Byblos, Tyre and the Qadisha Valley? Lebanon

  6. DADT, a former US military policy concerning LGBT soldiers, is an abbreviation of which four words? Don’t ask, don’t tell

  7. What is the capital of the Australian state of Victoria? Melbourne

  8. Which Canadian singer features on the songs Jump by Flo Rida, Broken Strings by James Morrison and Give It to Me by Timbaland? Nelly Furtado

  9. In which year did Lance Armstrong win his seventh consecutive Tour de France, Google launch Google Maps, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, and Prince Charles marry Camilla Parker Bowles? 2005

  10. Leeds Castle in Kent is home to a small museum dedicated to which item of pet equipment? Dog collar


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