Art & literature 37

From the quiz on 13/6/17.

  1. Which Shakespeare play features a singing jester named Feste? Twelfth Night

  2. Do not go gentle into that good night / Old age should burn and rave at close of day; / Rage, rage against the dying of the light” are the opening lines of a 1951 villanelle by which British poet? Dylan Thomas

  3. What name, ultimately from the Latin for “thread” and “seed”, is given to delicate ornamentation made using twisted wire, usually gold or silver? Filigree

  4. Fear of Flying, released in 1973 to much controversy over its sexual themes, was the début novel of which American author? Erica Jong

  5. Shunga, literally meaning “spring pictures”, is a genre of erotic art from which Asian country? Japan

  6. Down the Rabbit Hole is the opening chapter of which children’s novel first published in 1865? Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

  7. Kafka’s Dick, The Madness of George III and The History Boys are plays by which English playwright? Alan Bennett

  8. ‘Tis (1999) and Teacher Man (2005) are the lesser-known follow-ups to which memoir first published in 1996? Angela’s Ashes

  9. In which country did the Constructivism, Rayonism and Suprematism art movements all originate in the 1910s? Russia

  10. Which Dutch abstract art movement, founded in 1917 by Theo van Doesburg and Piet Mondrian, is characterized by the use of geometrical figures such as lines and rectangles along with blocks of colour? De Stijl


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