Connections 14

From the quiz on 6/6/17.

  1. Of what structure are buttress, coffer, embankment, arch and gravity all types? Dam

  2. Which journalist and presenter of the BBC’s Crimewatch was shot dead outside her home in London in 1999? Jill Dando

  3. What name, literally meaning “our sea”, was given by the Romans to the Mediterranean? Mare nostrum

  4. By what one-word NATO code name is the Mil Mi-24 attack helicopter more commonly known? Hind

  5. What connects the answers to questions 1–4? Female animals

  6. Which song by the Baha Men, which reached number two on the UK singles chart in 2000, won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording in 2001? Who Let the Dogs Out?

  7. Saloth Sar was the birth name of which Cambodian dictator, who was responsible for the deaths of millions of people during his short tenure as Prime Minister between 1976 and 1979? Pol Pot

  8. On the Internet, what plant-related name is given to a BitTorrent client that possesses all the data and uploads it to other clients? Seed

  9. What name is shared by a chain of pizza restaurants from New Zealand, a 1974 James Brown album, the first episode of series two of Father Ted, an energy drink from Hungary and a joint winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry? Hell

  10. What connects the answers to questions 6–9? Add ‘go to’ (the dogs, pot, seed, hell) to make phrases meaning “deteriorate”


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