Sport & games 39

From the quiz on 30/5/17.

  1. According to the ITTF, regulation table tennis balls must be one of which two colours? White and orange

  2. Which French footballer was nicknamed The Sulk because of his perceived lack of enthusiasm? Nicolas Anelka

  3. In kilometres, how long is Olympic marathon swimming? 10km

  4. In fencing, what name, from the French for “put back”, is given to a second thrust made after the first has failed? Remise

  5. Cleveland Cavaliers (2003–10) → Miami Heat (2010–14) → Cleveland Cavaliers (2014–) is the complete* professional team history of which American basketball player? LeBron James

  6. In 1968, which American athlete became the first person to officially run the 100m in under 10 seconds? Jim Hines

  7. Which sporting event takes place every year between Surrey and Middlesex, and was won in 2003 by a foot? Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

  8. The Bathurst 1000 is widely considered the most prestigious motorsport event in which Commonwealth country? Australia

  9. Scissors, eastern cut-off and western roll are techniques formerly widely used in which track-and-field event? High jump

  10. What uncommon trait connects golfer Bubba Watson, tennis player John McEnroe, snooker player Jimmy White, baseball player Babe Ruth and cricketer David Gower? Lefthandedness


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