Science, nature & technology 43

From the quiz on 23/5/17.

  1. In computing, what name is given to the process whereby pieces of files stored in different locations on disk are rewritten contiguously to improve performance? Defragmentation

  2. Mimic, glass, blanket, seven-arm and giant Pacific are all species of which mollusc? Octopus

  3. Which chemical element’s name derives from the Greek for “acid producer” because Antoine Lavoisier, who named it, mistakenly believed that it was a constituent of all acids? Oxygen

  4. In human anatomy, a diastema is a gap between two of which part of the body? Teeth

  5. In film and television, for what does the letter i stand in the name of video modes such as 480i and 1080i? Interlaced

  6. In obstetrics, what name, from the French for “suction cup”, is given to a vacuum device that attaches to a baby’s head to assist in delivery? Ventouse

  7. What property of a fluid can be measured by a Bourdon gauge, Pirani gauge or McLeod gauge? Pressure

  8. In order for a stag to be classified as a royal stag, its antlers must have how many points? 12

  9. In 1927, which German quantum physicist published his uncertainty principle, stating a particle’s position and momentum cannot both be measured exactly, at the same time? (Werner) Heisenberg

  10. Vitamin K is so called because of its crucial role in which bodily process? Blood clotting/coagulation (from German Koagulationsvitamin)


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