Geography 39

From the quiz on 16/5/17.

  1. In which midwestern US city is the 630-foot-tall metal arch known as Gateway Arch? St. Louis

  2. England’s highest point, Scafell Pike, and deepest lake, Wast Water, are both located in which county? Cumbria

  3. Into how many provinces is Canada divided? 10

  4. Etihad Airways is a flag carrier airline of which Asian country? United Arab Emirates

  5. In which South American country are Talampaya, Los Glaciares and Iguazú national parks? Argentina

  6. In which city are the Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace? Istanbul

  7. Which English motorway connects Liverpool to Hull via Manchester and Leeds? M62

  8. Pulau Ujong, whose name literally means “end island” in Malay, constitutes the majority of the territory of which Asian country? Singapore

  9. Through which three countries does the Brahmaputra river flow? China, India, Bangladesh

  10. Which European capital city has a UNESCO World Heritage–inscribed canal district known natively as Grachtengordel? Amsterdam


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