Entertainment 56

From the quiz on 16/5/17. Download the audio for Q3 and Q7 here.

  1. What are the first names of comedy duo French and Saunders? Dawn and Jennifer

  2. Which US TV series charts the political career of Francis J. Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, as he rises from House Majority Whip to 46th US President? House of Cards

  3. **This is the underwater theme from which 1985 game for the Nintendo Entertainment System? Super Mario Bros.

  4. Which American actress won Best Actress Oscars for playing the title character in Norma Rae (1979) and Edna Spalding in Places in the Heart (1984), as well as a Best Supporting Actress nomination for playing Mary Todd in Lincoln (2012)? Sally Field

  5. Another Way to Die by Alicia Keys and Jack White (from The White Stripes) is the theme song to which James Bond film? Quantum of Solace

  6. What is the name, borrowed from The Godfather, of the strip club in the TV series The Sopranos? Bada Bing!

  7. **This the main theme from which mobile game first released for iOS in 2009? [Play song] Angry Birds

  8. Which 1951 MGM musical film features a famous scene in which Fred Astaire dances on the walls and ceiling of his hotel room? Royal Wedding

  9. Which English comedian presented the ITV game show Strike It Lucky, later known as Strike It Rich? Michael Barrymore

  10. Michael Radford’s 1984 film adaptation of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four was the final film appearance of which Welsh actor? Richard Burton


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