Specialist: Eurovision [II]

From the quiz on 9/5/17.

  1. The Eurovision Song Contest was inspired by and partially based on which Italian city’s annual music festival, which is still used to decide the Italian Eurovision entry each year? Sanremo

  2. With which song did Lordi win Eurovision for Finland in 2006? Hard Rock Hallelujah

  3. Which theatrical show, which was since enjoyed worldwide success, was first performed during the interval of the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin? Riverdance

  4. In which language, unused in the contest since or before, did Furbaz perform ‘Viver senza tei’ for Switzerland at the 1989 Eurovision Song Contest? Romansh

  5. Which two countries are the only ones to have received nul points for their debut Eurovision entries (respectively in 1964 and 1994)? Portugal and Lithuania


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