History 37

From the quiz on 2/5/17.

  1. USS Nautilus (launched in 1954) was the world’s first submarine to use what form of power? Nuclear power

  2. What French animal name was given to the heir apparent to the French throne, the eldest son of the king of France? Dauphin

  3. Which empire was defeated at the Battles of Lepanto (1571), Vienna (1683), Abukir (1799) and Sinop (1853)? Ottoman

  4. To which British king was Mary of Teck queen consort? George V

  5. By what nickname, in reference to both his South American roots and a novel by Frederick Forsyth, is Venezuelan terrorist Ilyich Ramírez Sánchez more commonly known? Carlos the Jackal

  6. Which European country invaded Abyssinia (Ethiopia) in 1935 and annexed it upon victory the following year? Italy

  7. In which town in southwestern France did Saint Bernadette Soubirous see visions of the Virgin Mary and discover a holy healing spring in 1858? Lourdes

  8. In a speech delivered in Berlin in 1987, which head of state famously said “Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”? Ronald Reagan

  9. In which castle in Northamptonshire was Richard III born in 1452 and Mary, Queen of Scots executed in 1587? Fotheringhay

  10. The Nazi German Panzer VIII, which at 188 tonnes remains the heaviest tank ever built, was given what somewhat inappropriate animal name? Maus (“Mouse”)


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