General knowledge 127

From the quiz on 2/5/17.

  1. Which animal is the emblem of the US Republican Party? Elephant

  2. What first name is shared by composers Mahler and Holst as well as the artist Klimt? Gustav

  3. The Firm, The Rainmaker and The Pelican Brief are legal thrillers by which American novelist? John Grisham

  4. Kathoeys are transgender women from which Asian country? Thailand

  5. In Greek mythology, what is the name, meaning “all-gifted”, of the first mortal woman? Pandora

  6. What is the common name of the human ear bone known technically as the malleus? Hammer

  7. What is the only country in which Catalan is an official and national language? Andorra

  8. What navigational instrument is traditionally housed in a ship’s binnacle? Compass

  9. For what does the name of the disease AIDS stand? Acquired immune deficiency syndrome

  10. Which national capital city lends its name to a type of fabric, a type of rose, a type of plum and a type of steel? Damascus


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