Trivia snake 31

From the quiz on 18/4/17.

  1. What is the title of the national anthem of France? La Marseillaise

  2. In the Back to the Future films, what is the name of Doc Brown’s dog? Einstein

  3. In 2016, when he won the French Open, who became the first tennis player to achieve a men’s singles non-calendar-year grand slam? Novak Djokovic

  4. What name is given to the device in an internal combustion engine that mixes air and fuel in the appropriate ratio? Carburettor

  5. Which Scottish actor plays The Spirit of Christmas in Blackadder’s Christmas Carol and Samuel Johnson in Blackadder the Third? Robbie Coltrane

  6. About which of her title characters did Jane Austen write “I am going to take a heroine whom no-one but myself will much like”? Emma [ask for first name only]

  7. What is the first name of Ronnie Barker’s character Arkwright in the sitcom Open All Hours? Albert

  8. In which country is Kızılırmak the longest wholly-contained river, Van the largest lake and Great Ararat the highest mountain? Turkey

  9. What name is shared (in English) by the basic monetary unit of China and a Mongol dynasty of China that immediately preceded the Ming? Yuan

  10. What is the common name of the Arctic whale whose binomial name, Monodon monoceros, may be literally translated as “single tooth, single horn”? Narwhal


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