Science, nature & technology 41

From the quiz on 18/4/17.

  1. Which transition metal has atomic number 25 and chemical symbol Mn? Manganese

  2. What name, from the Latin for “small cavities”, is given to the small air sacs used for gas exchange in the lungs? Alveoli

  3. Notable cases of which include Oliver Sacks, Stephen Fry and Steve Wozniak, prosopagnosia is a disorder that impairs a person’s ability to recognize which common human feature? Faces

  4. The extremely venomous octopuses of the genus Hapalochlaena are covered with iridescent rings that turn which primary colour as a warning to predators? Blue

  5. The arithmetical text Liber Abaci (1202) is the magnum opus of which Italian mathematician? Fibonacci

  6. What bodily fluid is commonly abbreviated CSF? Cerebrospinal (fluid)

  7. Fearful, flammulated, burrowing, elf and great horned are all species of which bird? Owl

  8. What name, in reference to a particular kind of DNA inherited solely from the mother, is given to the most recent common ancestor from which all currently-living humans are matrilineally descended? Mitochondrial Eve

  9. Originally described as “a solution looking for a problem”, the first working example of which device was invented and built in 1960 by American physicist Theodore Maiman? Laser

  10. What anatomical structure grows in three phases known as the anagen, catagen and telogen, with the first phase lasting anywhere from several months to several years depending on its location on the human body? Hair


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