Entertainment 53

From the quiz on 4/4/17.

  1. What main colour is Spyro the Dragon in the video game series of the same name? Purple

  2. Which English actress’s many TV roles include Debbie Doonan in Beautiful People, Alex Smallbone in Rev., Sophie Chapman in Peep Show, Harriet Schulenburg in Green Wing and Ellie Miller in Broadchurch? Olivia Colman

  3. In the film V for Vendetta, the title character wears a mask of which English historical figure? Guy Fawkes

  4. The 1999 film Children of Heaven follows brother and sister Ali and Zahra on their quest to recover which lost item of clothing? Pair of shoes

  5. On Countdown, how many points are awarded for a perfect solution in a numbers game? 10

  6. Which American TV series of the 2000s centres on the residents of Wisteria Lane, Fairview? Desperate Housewives

  7. Which American directed A Scanner Darkly, School of Rock, the 2005 remake of Bad News Bears, Fast Food Nation and Boyhood? Richard Linklater

  8. Which American company developed the best-selling game series Bejeweled, Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies? PopCap

  9. Which 2001 musical, based on a 1968 Mel Brooks film of the same title, won a record 12 Tony Awards, including Best Musical? The Producers

  10. In which 1949 film does novelist Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten) travel to Vienna and investigate the mysterious death of his old friend Harry Lime (Orson Welles)? The Third Man


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