Science, nature & technology 40

From the quiz on 28/3/17.

  1. For what does the name of the US government agency NASA stand? National Aeronautics and Space Administration

  2. Aqua regia (“royal water”), which is able to dissolve gold and other resistant metals, is a mixture of which two concentrated acids? Nitric and hydrochloric

  3. What do forensic investigators use the chemiluminescent compound luminol to detect at crime scenes? Blood

  4. What is the common name for the human bone known anatomically as the clavicle? Collarbone

  5. How many electrons are shared between two atoms in a triple bond? 6

  6. Which Italian physicist lends his surname to a unit of length equal to 1015 metres, a paradox concerning the existence of extraterrestrial life, and a class of subatomic particles that includes quarks and the electron? (Enrico) Fermi

  7. Troglodytes troglodytes (“cave-dweller”) is the binomial name of which small brown British songbird? Wren

  8. Johnny Castaway, Flying Windows, 3D Pipes and Flying Toasters are famous examples of what type of computer software? Screensaver

  9. What name, from the Latin for “listen to”, is given to the action of listening to the internal organs of the human body, typically with a stethoscope? Auscultation

  10. The 18th-century Scottish agriculturalist and general polymath James Hutton is widely regarded as the father of which modern science? Geology


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