General knowledge 121

From the quiz on 21/3/17.

  1. The SSE Hydro, completed in 2013, is the largest entertainment venue in which country of the UK? Scotland

  2. In the infamous set of most-wanted Iraqi playing cards created by the US military in 2003, which card represents Saddam Hussein? Ace of spades

  3. Richard Wagner’s wife Cosima was the illegitimate daughter of which contemporary composer? Franz Liszt

  4. Which railway station is the London terminus of Eurostar? St Pancras

  5. Stheno and Euryale are the two lesser-known members of which trio from Greek mythology? Gorgons

  6. Jodrell Bank, home to the third-largest steerable telescope in the world (and the largest in the UK), is part of which English university? University of Manchester

  7. In the usual modern version of the nursery rhyme This Little Piggy, what food did the third little piggy have? Roast beef

  8. Myology is the anatomical study of which bodily tissue? Muscle

  9. In 2015, which English singer–songwriter released his first novel, entitled List of the Lost, to overwhelmingly negative critical reception? Morrissey

  10. What is the usual English equivalent of the Thai ‘555’, the Japanese ‘www’, the Brazilian Portuguese ‘rs’ and the French ‘mdr’? lol


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