General knowledge 119

From the quiz on 7/3/17.

  1. What polygonal shape is a standard British stop sign? Octagon

  2. The websites Twitch, IMDb, Audible, Alexa and Goodreads are all subsidiaries of which company? Amazon

  3. Which country takes its name from the Latin for “silver” in reference to a mythical mountain of silver that European explorers believed existed there? Argentina

  4. What nationality are sopranos Hayley Westenra and Kiri Te Kanawa as well as singer–songwriters Lorde and Kimbra? New Zealand (Kiwi)

  5. The École Polytechnique is a prestigious French university commonly known by what one-letter nickname? X

  6. The uncommon English adjectives ‘preprandial‘ and ‘postprandial‘ respectively refer to before and after which everyday event? Eating a meal

  7. British–Australian pianist Leslie Howard is the only person to have recorded the complete solo piano works of which composer? Franz Liszt

  8. Kimberley, the capital of the province of Northern Cape in South Africa, is an historically-significant source of which precious stone? Diamond

  9. According to the George Formby song, when can he see honeymooning couples, blushing brides, chambermaids, ladies’ nighties and pyjamas lying side by side? “When I’m cleaning windows”

  10. What colour connects a standard reference work in physical chemistry, a booklet containing the official spelling of every Dutch word, an IRA training manual, and a book outlining the political philosophy of Colonel Gaddafi? Green


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