Specialist: Nintendo [II]

From the quiz on 28/2/17.

  1. Pinball Land, Dream Course, Avalanche, Block Ball, Star Stacker, Tilt ‘n’ Tumble and Air Ride are spin-offs from which series of platform games published by Nintendo? Kirby

  2. All four Donkey Kong games released for the Nintendo GameCube require the use of which special musical controller? DK Bongos

  3. The oft-quoted phrase “Well excuse me, princess!” is taken from the 1989 animated TV adaptation of which Nintendo video game series? The Legend of Zelda

  4. An infamous enemy from Nintendo’s Kid Icarus series is a wizard who transforms the hero into which vegetable, which also appears as an enemy in Wrecking Crew and as the logo of Ice Climbers in the Super Smash Bros. games? Eggplant/aubergine

  5. The original PlayStation has its origins in the late 1980s in an ultimately unsuccessful partnership between Sony and Nintendo to create a CD add-on for which of Nintendo’s home consoles (for which Sony already provided the sound chip)? SNES


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