General knowledge 118

From the quiz on 28/2/17.

  1. Which dance fitness program was created in Colombia in the 1990s by Beto Perez? Zumba

  2. Vecchia Signora (“Old Lady”), Fidanzata d’Italia (“Girlfriend of Italy”) and Bianconeri (White–Blacks) are among the many nicknames of which Italian football club? Juventus

  3. Who provided the original voice of Mickey Mouse? Walt Disney

  4. Placing a horizontal bar over a Roman numeral makes it how many times larger? 1000

  5. That’s All Right (b/w Blue Moon of Kentucky) was the first single released by which American singer? Elvis Presley

  6. In Egyptian mythology, Hapi was the personified god of which important annual event? Flooding of the Nile

  7. What mode of transport is Priscilla in the 1994 comedy film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert? Bus

  8. Which King of England was nicknamed Lackland by his father because he was considered unlikely ever to hold substantial land? John

  9. Which Englishman presents the game shows 1000 Heartbeats and All Star Family Fortunes? Vernon Kay

  10. Tinikling, in which dancers step over and in between bamboo poles, is a traditional dance from which Asian country? Philippines


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