Specialist: 1970s cars

From the quiz on 21/2/17.

  1. Scimitar, Kitten, Rebel, Regal and Robin are among the many models produced in the 1970s by which British car company? Reliant

  2. Which American company produced the Firebird and Firebird Trans Am, which were used in such films and TV series as Rocky II, Smokey and the Bandit, The Rockford Files and Knight Rider? Pontiac

  3. Which model of car, first produced by Ford in 1962, was the best-selling car in the UK in the 1970s? Cortina

  4. In which James Bond film does he steal a 1970s AMC Hornet and perform a corkscrew jump over a river in Thailand (complete with unnecessary slide whistle)? The Man with the Golden Gun

  5. By what animal name was the Volkswagen Golf Mk1 known in the US and Canada when it was introduced in 1974? Volkswagen Rabbit

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