Food & drink 36

From the quiz on 21/2/17.

  1. The fruit known as a satsuma takes its name from a former province of which Asian country? Japan

  2. Which term for a mixed fruit drink is thought to derive its name from the Hindi for “five”, because it originally contained five ingredients? Punch

  3. What two-word French phrase is applied to a modern style of cooking that eschews rich, heavy foods (especially sauces) and emphasizes the freshness of the ingredients and presentation of the dishes? Nouvelle cuisine

  4. Which fruit is fermented to make the liqueur crème de cassis? Blackcurrant

  5. By what collective name are the two celebrity chefs Dave Myers and Si King more commonly known? Hairy Bikers

  6. In the context of food sterilization (e.g. of milk), for what do the letters UHT stand? Ultra-high temperature (or ultra heat treated)

  7. The Most Interesting Man in the World was a memetic advertising campaign for which lager produced by the Mexican brewery Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma? Dos Equis

  8. Bobotie, a dish of curried minced meat baked in a rich savoury custard, is a speciality of which African country? South Africa

  9. Which tropical fruit is the principal ingredient of a traditional som tam, a spicy salad eaten throughout Southeast Asia? Papaya

  10. Which brand of bottled water was advertised in the UK with the infamous slogan “Can’t live without spunk” and, just one month after launching, discovered to be nothing more than treated tap water from Sidcup in London? Dasani

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