Specialist: Italian regional dishes

From the quiz on 14/2/17.

  1. Which animal’s meat is cubed, skewered and barbecued to make the traditional Abruzzese dish arrosticini? Sheep (lamb or mutton)

  2. Thick wheat noodles known as bigoli, golden biscuits known as baicoli and small fried soft-shell crabs known as moleche are specialities of which Italian city? Venice

  3. What type of food are civraxiu, pistoccu and carasau, all of which are traditional products of Sardinia? Bread

  4. The piquant relish of eggplant and other vegetables known as caponata is a popular antipasto from which region of Italy? Sicily

  5. Risotto alla Milanese is a regional variant of risotto that is flavoured and coloured with which spice? Saffron


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