Art & literature 33

From the quiz on 14/2/17.

  1. George Stubbs was an English painter best known for his depictions of which animal? Horse

  2. You’ll be a Man, my son!” are the much-quoted final words of which poem by Rudyard Kipling? If—

  3. Just Before the War with the Eskimos, Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut and A Perfect Day for Bananafish are among the many short stories written by which American author in the mid-20th century? J. D. Salinger

  4. In the dystopian sci-fi novel Logan’s Run, at what young age are all inhabitants of Earth required to visit a so-called “sleepshop” to be killed via lethal injection? 21

  5. What is the first name of celebrated Romantic poet Lord Byron? George

  6. In classical architecture, what Greek mythological name is given to a large male figure used as a column? Atlas or telamon

  7. Julian Stanczak, Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley are among the foremost practitioners of which style of abstract art? Op art

  8. Central to Frederick Forsyth’s novel The Day of the Jackal is a plot to assassinate which President of France? Charles de Gaulle

  9. Which English artist won the Turner Prize in 2007 for State Britain, a meticulous recreation of an anti–Iraq War display originally made by peace protester Brian Haw between 2001 and 2006? Mark Wallinger

  10. The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus is perhaps the best-known work by which English playwright of the Elizabethan era? Christopher Marlowe


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