General knowledge 115

From the quiz on 7/2/17.

  1. In which country was the company Philips founded in 1891? Netherlands

  2. In poker, what name is given to a forced bet that players to the left of the dealer must make before examining their cards? Blind

  3. What is the English meaning of the name of the band Kraftwerk? Power station

  4. By what collective name are T. S. Eliot’s poems Burnt Norton, East Coker, The Dry Salvages and Little Gidding more commonly known? Four Quartets

  5. Which DVD region code covers most of Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and Japan? 2

  6. Which specific sport is played by the Rajasthan Royals, Delhi Daredevils and Sunrisers Hyderabad? Twenty20 cricket

  7. For what do the letters QR in QR code stand? Quick response

  8. Which historical figure is the subject of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 2015 musical Hamilton? Alexander Hamilton

  9. Nicola Benedetti, Anne-Sophie Mutter and Yehudi Menuhin are or were virtuoso players of which instrument? Violin

  10. Which Labour MP was Secretary of State for Northern Ireland when the Good Friday Agreement was signed in 1998? Mo Mowlam


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