Sport & games 34

From the quiz on 31/1/17.

  1. What is the name of the Dutch model who allegedly had an affair with David Beckham while working as his personal assistant in the early 2000s? Rebecca Loos

  2. In minutes, what is the maximum length of a single round of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)? 5

  3. In which US state have the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics been held annually since 1961? Alaska

  4. The Time Is Now, which he himself performs, is the entrance theme of which professional wrestler? John Cena

  5. What is the only Canadian team in Major League Baseball? Toronto Blue Jays

  6. Which Welsh snooker player became the very first world number one when rankings were introduced in 1976? Ray Reardon

  7. What are the lowest and highest numbers on a standard backgammon doubling cube? 2, 64

  8. In which sport is Dame Laura Davies the UK’s most successful female player of the modern era? Golf

  9. What two-word nickname is shared by rugby league half backs Allan Langer and Stacey Jones, basketball player Avery Johnson and Dutch football manager Dick Advocaat? Little General

  10. What name, literally meaning “far leaping”, is given to the traditional Frisian sport in which participants attempt to pole-vault as far as possible over a waterway? Fierljeppen


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