General knowledge 114

From the quiz on 31/1/17.

  1. In Norse mythology, which god rules over Asgard with his wife Frigg? Odin

  2. According to the chorus of the popular children’s song, what did Nellie the Elephant “say goodbye to […] with a trumpety-trump, trump, trump, trump”? The circus

  3. Who co-founded Wikipedia with Larry Sanger in 2001? Jimmy Wales

  4. Which city in Florida was originally known as Jernigan (after an early settler), is nicknamed The City Beautiful, and shares its current name with a character from Shakespeare’s As You Like It? Orlando

  5. Which of the five Marx Brothers was youngest? Zeppo

  6. Boogie Wonderland, Let’s Groove and September are the three highest-charting (UK) singles released by which American funk and disco band? Earth, Wind & Fire

  7. Which English comedian plays the slave Lurcio in the TV series Up Pompeii!? Frankie Howerd

  8. In the Bible, who is the former wife of Uriah, one of the wives of David, and the mother of Solomon? Bathsheba

  9. Which denomination of US dollar bill is known colloquially as a sawbuck? $10

  10. Which Englishman directed the final four films in the Harry Potter series and the 2016 adaptation of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? David Yates


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