General knowledge 112

From the quiz on 17/1/17.

  1. From which language were the words skosh, rickshaw, honcho, tycoon and emoji all imported into English? Japanese

  2. Which 1965 album by The Beatles has a (British) cover featuring the band members spelling out the letters NUJV in semaphore? Help!

  3. What was Margaret Thatcher’s maiden name? Roberts

  4. Which Renault car model shares its name with the muse of history in Greek mythology? Clio

  5. Which American actor and director was born Marion Robert Morrison in Iowa in 1907 and nicknamed Duke? John Wayne

  6. Who composed the Goldberg Variations, consisting of one aria and 30 variations for harpsichord? Johann Sebastian Bach

  7. Which American video game company created the Marathon, Halo and Destiny series of first-person shooters? Bungie

  8. What is the title of the only published novel by English author Anna Sewell? Black Beauty

  9. Apsley House, also known as Number One, London, is a Piccadilly townhouse owned by which duke? Duke of Wellington

  10. Which 1986 song by Peter Gabriel holds the record for the greatest number of MTV Video Music Awards (winning nine in 1987)? Sledgehammer


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