Christmas general knowledge 6

From the Christmas quiz on 13/12/16.

  1. In football, what specific formation is commonly known as the Christmas Tree formation? 4-3-2-1

  2. In Tchaikovsky’s Christmas-themed ballet The Nutcracker, in which fictional land does the second of the two acts take place? Land of Sweets

  3. Christmas cake’ is a common British bingo call for which number? 38

  4. Which Communist president of a European country was executed by firing squad along with his wife on Christmas Day, 1989? Nicolae Ceauşescu

  5. The “Priest” They Called Him, an experimental 10-minute record from 1993 about a junkie attempting to score on Christmas Eve, was produced in collaboration between postmodernist writer William S. Burroughs and which American singer–guitarist? Kurt Cobain

  6. The song Frosty the Snowman was originally recorded in 1950 by which American singer and actor, who also wrote the song Here Comes Santa Claus in 1947 and had a hit with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in 1949? Gene Autry

  7. Which American author wrote the best-selling 2001 novel Skipping Christmas, which was later adapted into the 2004 film Christmas with the Kranks, starring Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis? John Grisham

  8. St Wenceslas I, who is immortalized in the Christmas carol Good King Wenceslas, was a 10th-century duke of which former kingdom of Central Europe? Bohemia

  9. In Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, by what unconventional name are the chapters known? Staves

  10. The song Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas was originally sung by Judy Garland in which musical film of 1944? Meet Me in St. Louis


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