Science, nature & technology 35

From the quiz on 6/12/16.

  1. Which chemical element has the symbol Hg — and for a bonus point, of which Latin word is this symbol an abbreviation? Mercury; hydrargyrum

  2. To which continent are the large flightless birds known as rheas native? South America

  3. Koplik’s spots, which appear as tiny white lesions inside the mouth, are an early sign of which infectious viral disease? Measles

  4. In arithmetic, what name of Latin origin is given to the number from which another number is subtracted (i.e. x in the expression xy)? Minuend

  5. The Stuff of Thought, How the Mind Works and The Language Instinct are popular science books by which American psychologist? Steven Pinker

  6. In computer programming, what name is given to the internal restructuring of source code (e.g. to make it easier to read and maintain) without changing its external functionality? Refactoring

  7. Which synthetic polymer fibre, noted for its exceptional tensile strength, was invented by organic chemist Stephanie Kwolek while working at DuPont in 1965? Kevlar

  8. Coeliac disease is a disorder of the small intestine caused by hypersensitivity to which substance, composed of multiple different proteins? Gluten

  9. What is the common name of any tree of the genus Adansonia, most of whose species are native to Africa and which produce a large edible fruit known as monkey bread? Baobab

  10. In 1969, which Apollo 12 astronaut became the third person to walk on the Moon? Pete Conrad


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