Food & drink 34

From the quiz on 6/12/16.

  1. For what does the name of the common food additive MSG stand? Monosodium glutamate

  2. What name of Provençal origin is given to a Cajun dish of mixed meats and vegetables, often sausage, shrimp, peppers and onion? Jambalaya

  3. From which cereal grain is granola predominantly made? Oats

  4. Which fruit’s juice must be added to peach schnapps to make a fuzzy navel cocktail? Orange

  5. In Japanese cuisine, what name is given to thick wheat noodles? Udon

  6. The stroopwafel, in which a caramel-like syrup is sandwiched between two wafers, originated in which European country? Netherlands

  7. Which American actor hosted the US reality TV programme Man v. Food? Adam Richman

  8. Which British confectionery company produces the sweets Refreshers, Double Dip, Parma Violets, Drumstick, Love Hearts and Rainbow Drops? Swizzels Matlow

  9. Which Napoleonic battle of 1800 lends its name to a dish of chicken sautéed in oil with a tomato sauce and traditionally garnished with eggs and crayfish? Marengo

  10. A decomposing lion carcass surrounded by a swarm of bees above the Biblical quote “Out of the strong came forth sweetness” appears prominently on which specific (branded) tinned food product? Lyle’s Golden Syrup


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