Specialist: classic PC games

From the quiz on 22/11/16.

  1. Which historical figure (equipped with four rotary cannons) is the final boss of the 1992 first-person shooter Wolfenstein 3D? Adolf Hitler

  2. In which 1998 first-person shooter must Dr Gordon Freeman escape the Black Mesa Research Facility, travel to Xen and destroy the Nihilanth to prevent aliens from taking over Earth? Half-Life

  3. In the Sims series of life simulation games, which exclamation of delight is used as a euphemism for sex? WooHoo

  4. The First Age of Darkness (I), Quest of the Avatar (IV), The Black Gate (VII) and Ascension (IX) are subtitles of entries in which long-running series of PC RPGs created by Richard Garriott? Ultima

  5. Which Canadian video game designer produced the classic PC games Pirates!, Covert Action, Railroad Tycoon, Alpha Centauri and Civilization? Sid Meier


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