Specialist: moons (of the Solar System)

From the quiz on 15/11/16.

  1. In 1971, as commander of Apollo 14, which American astronaut hit two golf balls on the surface of the Moon? Alan Shepard

  2. What is the largest moon in the Solar System that does not orbit Jupiter or Saturn? The Moon

  3. In the early 17th century, which astronomer discovered the four largest moons of Jupiter (Ganymede, Callisto, Io and Europa), which were subsequently collectively named in his honour? Galileo

  4. The atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Titan, which is the densest of any known natural satellite, is predominantly composed of which elemental gas? Nitrogen

  5. Which moon of the Solar System has at its north pole a distinct dark reddish stain popularly known as the Mordor Macula? Charon


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