Geography 32

From the quiz on 15/11/16.

  1. In which English county is the Lake District? Cumbria

  2. Montevideo is the capital and largest city of which South American country? Uruguay

  3. From which country did Eritrea achieve independence in 1993 following a thirty-year revolutionary war? Ethiopia

  4. Which two Asian countries are separated by a ceasefire line known as the Line of Actual Control? China and India

  5. Easter Island, in the Pacific Ocean, is an overseas territory of which South American country? Chile

  6. Which European country’s flag consists of a narrow white horizontal band on a distinctive dark brick-red field? Latvia

  7. In which US state in New England is Wenham Lake, which was world famous in the 19th century for its ice? Massachusetts

  8. On which London street are the original HMV, John Lewis and Selfridges stores, as well as flagship stores of Debenhams and House of Fraser? Oxford Street

  9. Into which gulf of the Atlantic Ocean do the major African rivers Niger and Volta both flow? Gulf of Guinea

  10. Which mountain in Hawaii is the tallest mountain in the world when measured from its oceanic base, despite only rising to about 4,200m above sea level? Mauna Kea


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